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My name is Xabier Lizartzategi; as Marketing Director, my primary responsibility is to drive tangible business results through a consumer-centric approach using marketing strategy and digital technology across the different business units and product lines. It is vital for me to measure ROI and engagement for marketing activities, to track and monitor marketing effectiveness and measure actual performance. I am an expert in marketing channels, website design, and demand generation. I have been responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy for various companies, driving revenue through enhancing customer awareness, increasing engagement, and delivering a best-in-class experience.

I manage teams and work closely with digital professionals to develop a best in class digital strategies. I have a track record of turning customer trends and data into compelling insights, strategies, and plans to drive more sales. The brands I have worked for are present in buildings such as the White House in Washington D.C., The Tv Academy in Los Angeles, and The Philharmonie de Paris. I have worked in contact with world-leading companies and architecture studios, including Fosters & Partners, Candy Hoover Group, Smart Software, and Ateliers Jean Nouvel.
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Xabier Lizartzategi. Marketing Director.

I develop the marketing plan following the strategy of each company I have worked for during my +15-year experience. I have also acquired skills improving the business pipeline considerably, planning market studies, SEO - SEM, direct mail, online placement, content features, promotions, social and web experience, editorial designs, UX Design, photo, and video production. I have owned a large marketing budget and managed teams focused on launching, scaling, and optimizing campaigns to drive sales and growth.


  • Increased 171% lead acquisition
  • by enhancing the online
  • technologies to select and
  • reinforce the most active
  • web users





  • Expanded 61% quality leads by
  • measuring weekly the most
  • relevant Key Performance
  • Indicators according to the
  • strategic focus areas




I have expanded online Prospect Generation by + 189% for Smart Software and increased online Lead Generation by + 171% for Figueras International Company. I have vast experience within the B2B enterprise SaaS, Architecture, and Supply Chain markets. I manage fully integrated marketing and brand advertising campaigns, direct mail, online placement, digital experience, content features, promotions, social and web experience to enhance the brand experience and company revenue.

Xabier Lizartzategi

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